About us

Ali-Reza Momeni, Founder and Owner

“We strive for excellence in everything we do. With the highest personal and business standards we constantly achieve above-average returns for our capital partners and ourselves. The satisfaction of our capital partners is underlined by the long-term relationships we build.”

About Momeni

The MOMENI Group, founded in 2004, is a privately owned investment, development and management company which focuses on Class A real estate in inner-city locations in Germany`s major cities.

Along with local and international partners, MOMENI invests in diverse property opportunities and creates excellent and long-term relationships with leading global private and institutional investors. In the past years MOMENI has realized a total investment value of more than 4.5 billion Euros.

The MOMENI Group follows an integrated business model and has in-house expertise for every stage of the investment cycle. The MOMENI Group`s excellent track record and success are based on its skilled employees, professional project management and its analytical investment approach. This is always based on uncompromising standards in terms of quality, sustainability and profitability.

Senior Management

Ali-Reza Momeni
Founder and Owner

Ali-Reza Momeni is the founder and owner of MOMENI Group. He has many years of experience developing, financing and managing real estate projects in Germany and abroad. After studying business administration at Georgetown University (USA) and Finance/European Affairs at the London School of Economics (UK), he initially joined Merrill Lynch & Co. before spending many years with the American developer and investor HINES. He returned to Hamburg in 2004 and founded MOMENI Group.

Andreas Gladisch
Managing Director

Andreas Gladisch is managing director of MOMENI Immobilien Holding GmbH. He has proven expertise in investment and project development. After studying business administration at the European Business School and gaining a degree in computer science at James Madison University (USA), Andreas Gladisch has worked with the American developer and investor HINES and for Aareal Bank in the field of principal real estate investments. He joined the senior management of MOMENI in 2006.

Dr. Hanjo Hautz
Managing Director

Dr. Hanjo Hautz is managing director of MOMENI Projektentwicklung GmbH and is responsible for real estate development as well as project acquisition. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich, earning a doctorate before spending eight years with consulting company McKinsey & Company Inc. While at McKinsey he focused primarily on real estate topics, and now applies this experience and expertise in the senior management of MOMENI Group.

Daniel Werth
Managing Director

Daniel Werth is managing director for MOMENI’s investment and asset management businesses. After graduating in business administration in Hamburg, he gained a masters in real estate investment and finance from Henley Business School at the University of Reading and completed further executive education in private equity at London Business School. Before joining MOMENI Group in 2014, he was a director at German asset management firm HIH, in the network of M. M. Warburg & CO, responsible for national and international asset management mandates and strategy development.

Tim Fischer FRICS
Managing Director

Tim Fischer FRICS is managing director of MOMENI Real Estate Management GmbH and responsible for commercial and technical management of all properties under responsibility of MOMENI Group. After completing his studies in architecture he trained as a real estate economist (EBS). Mr. Fischer was named a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2012. Before joining MOMENI he served in several positions at the Berlin and Hamburg offices of Jones Lang LaSalle. Most recently he was a vice president at Prologis responsible for property management activities in northern Europe.

Advisory Board

MOMENI Group has an advisory board comprising renowned business and academic personalities with extraordinary experience in diverse fields.
The advisory board functions as an autonomous advisor with regard to general corporate practice as well as overarching business matters and product-specific issues. The company’s management consults the advisory board regularly and about special events. We are convinced that constructive discussions with independent opinion leaders are a particularly important component of our quest for continual improvement.



MOMENI Group stands for “Excellence in Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management.” We have set the highest personal and business standards for ourselves. We uncompromisingly pursue excellence in everything we do.

In each individual area of business within the Group we promote dynamic and efficient structures and processes with a high degree of reliability, professional standards and a practice-oriented, hands-on approach. Our primary focus is always on the success of the investments we are responsible for.


Our integrated business model gives us complete control when implementing investment strategies and enables us to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout all phases of any real estate investment programme.

We focus on high-quality real estate products in inner-city locations of major German cities. This strict specialisation generates higher product quality and enhances success. We also apply an unusually high degree of precision and attention to detail; above-average qualifications and negotiating skills; many years of experience; an outstanding network of contacts and the sustainability of real estate.

We place the highest demands with regard to professionalism, expertise, integrity, international experience and the academic background of our people. We believe that all this, together with our employees’ high degree of company loyalty, generates a particular advantage that helps us achieve the investment goals of our capital partners.


The success of our capital partners is our top priority. Our own success is based primarily on the success of our capital partners.

We concentrate exclusively on investment opportunities in which we have confidence and expertise. This means that we can provide a team for any project we undertake that is tailored and aligned for maximum performance. We are interested in building and maintaining stable, long-term business relationships based on personal trust, integrity and performance.

Governance and Sustainability

We are constantly aware of our responsibility to investors, business associates, employees and society at large. We believe that high-quality business management and compliance with ecological and social principles results in long-term investment success for our capital partners. We have set out these principles in an internal corporate governance guideline.

We are a member of the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV) and the corporate governance initiative of the German real estate industry.

MOMENI Group orients each of its projects in accordance with strict criteria for sustainability. All of our projects are LEED-certified, so future owners and users benefit from global standards that ensure energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Moreover, as an investor and developer of inner-city real estate, MOMENI Group concentrates on long-term projects and integrates them harmoniously and conscientiously into the urban context. In this way we create projects that conform to the ideals of sustainability, with a certified level of quality, while taking into account the individual, local conditions and requirements.

MOMENI Group is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and supports the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark organization (GRESB).