MOMENI Group Foundation

MOMENI Group embraces the principles of corporate social responsibility, and has long supported a variety of non-profit organizations, particularly in children’s welfare, and in the arts and culture. Group employees are expressly encouraged to become actively involved in charitable work.

The MOMENI Group Foundation was established to consolidate and expand its work in these areas. It underlines the Group’s commitment to good corporate citizenship with regard to investors, business partners, employees, society, and the environment. 

The MOMENI Group Foundation was established in Hamburg in June 2020 as a charitable foundation under German law. It is dedicated to offering support in science, research and education, with a focus on awarding scholarships to outstanding students from socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Charitable work also includes youth welfare, i.e. by sponsoring school projects and supporting non-profit organizations advocating for disadvantaged children. In addition, the MOMENI Group Foundation promotes various projects in the arts, culture and sports.

The MOMENI Group Foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen).

Selection of foundation projects

Founding member and supporter of the CECS / Scholarship

The MOMENI Group Foundation has supported the CECS (Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Energy, Climate and Sustainability) at Bucerius Law School since its formation in 2022. Through intra- and interdisciplinary as well as international research, the institute contributes to addressing global challenges in the field of energy, climate protection and sustainability - from basic research to the development of legal policy recommendations for action.

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Sponsor of the Germany bursary at the Uni Hamburg

Scholarships are provided within the framework of the Germany bursary (Deutschlandstipendium) at the University of Hamburg to students who are talented, committed and in need.

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Supporter of the Kisergei Primary School in Kenia

Founded in 2008 by Jochen Zeitz, the ZEITZ foundation is a non-profit registered in Germany and Kenya that develops and supports inclusive, holistic conservation projects in Kenia that improve livelihoods, foster intercultural dialogue, and achieve long-term positive impact and sustainability. Among many other projects, the ZEITZ foundation supports award-winning school infrastructure and bursary programs for high school students.

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Cooperation with Die Arche

Die Arche is a Christian foundation committed to helping children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds at almost 30 locations in Germany. It provides services to up to 4,000 children and young people, spanning six main themes: leisure, food, learning, friends, vacations and family.

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wir helfen, Cologne

wir helfen is an initiative of local newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. It helps endangered and marginalized children and young people to gain important life skills, and to gain the ability to live independently in the community.

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Stiftung Kinderjahre, Hamburg

Stiftung Kinderjahre (Childhood Years Foundation) in Hamburg is committed to creating equal opportunities for children.

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Das Herz im Zentrum, Hamburg

This non-profit organization is attached to Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital. Its goal is to establish a leading cardiovascular center in northern Germany.

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Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

The MOMENI Group Foundation supports the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

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