09. September 2022

MOMENI Ventures acquires interest in alcemy

  • Strategic investment in alcemy, the leading German startup for decarbonization of the cement and concrete industry
  • Investment aligns directly with MOMENI Group’s ESG strategy

(Hamburg, 9 September 2022) MOMENI Ventures has augmented alcemy’s recently completed Series A funding round for over €10 million.

Berlin-based startup alcemy directly targets the two major challenges of the cement and concrete industry with its products: reducing the high carbon emissions and the massive consumption of primary resources due to the extraction of sand and gravel. alcemy’s solution can save up to 50% of the carbon emissions and a significant share of the primary resources compared with conventional cement and concrete production. At the same time, its software makes for a more precise and reliable production of concretes with a greater recycled content. Numerous customers, including several well-known industry players in Germany, already rely on the solution. 

Juana M. Sacristán and Tim Fischer, Managing Directors of MOMENI Ventures GmbH, see great potential in alcemy’s development going forward: “A significant share of emissions in the carbon life cycle of real estate is accounted by the construction phase. alcemy’s innovative technology and scalable business model mean that ready-mixed concrete works can produce high-quality but lower-carbon concrete. What clinched this investment for us were the vision of the startup’s founders and the attractiveness of the market.”

Oliver Klamt, Managing Director Construction, MOMENI Development, adds: “Concrete is a fossil building material. alcemy’s software enables this material to be partially decarbonized by drastically reducing the clinker factor, largely doing without additives such as fly ash and blast furnace slag and using a large amount of recycled materials through software-based process monitoring. We already work closely with alcemy to specify carbon-reduced concrete formulations at various project sites and to secure the optimum supply chains. This lets us use concretes that are carbon-optimized and so meet our ambitious sustainability standards in project delivery.”

The investment in alcemy marks a further step in the implementation of MOMENI’s ESG strategy. With this investment, MOMENI joins the ranks of existing and new investors such as Galvanize Climate Solutions, one of the biggest US climate tech funds.

Leopold Spenner, co-founder and CEO of alcemy: “We launched alcemy with the vision that more sustainable cements and concretes are no longer just theoretical ideas, but can be quickly deployed in practice on a mass scale. But achieving this calls for close and continuous quality monitoring of these more sensitive concretes and cements, and that is what we provide as a company with our software. We are delighted to count MOMENI as one of our prestigious strategic investors who will actively support our company’s development.”

About alcemy

The Berlin-based startup alcemy was founded in 2018 by Leopold Spenner and Dr. Robert Meyer. Their vision is to bring the concrete and cement industry into a new, digital, greener age. To achieve this vision, the young company uses machine learning and control technology to predict the quality properties of cement and concrete. Using reliable data and smart algorithms, alcemy provides relevant insights into the entire value chain in real time – from cement grinding to the processing of concrete on the construction site. In this way, alcemy turns a conventionally processed natural product into a data-based high-tech product. With alcemy’s solution, companies in what is the most emission-intensive industry benefit from higher quality, sinking production costs and massive carbon savings. 


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